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A no-touch approach to capturing customer contact info for proactive COVID-19 prevention.

By utilising Nook’s unique QR code in your venues, customers are quickly and safely able to transfer all the relevant contact information laid out in the government’s ‘restaurant re-opening guidelines’ simply by photographing the code on their smartphones.

How it works

1. Display your QR code outside

We provide a sign with clear instructions or an image for you to display on an iPad. Whatever works best for your venue.

2. Patrons scan with their Camera app before entry

Works on any smartphone with the bog standard Camera app.

3. They enter their details & we store it securely

Visitors enter their name and number, and we store it securely for 28 days (as required by the Australian Government)

Try it for yourself!

Scan this QR code with your mobile – or if you're on your phone and can't scan it, just click here.

The very nature of how customers view hospitality venues has changed

Whether you offer silver service, or greasy sangas, it is crucial that your new recording systems are simple for customers to navigate whilst maintaining your professional and safety-minded reputation.

This effortless process of NOOK can be done in seconds, helping to ease the bottleneck of eager diners while helping the venue meet the government’s health & safety requirements.

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